Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dave Sutton: Graphic Artist

Dave Sutton is a talented graphic artist who primarily designs gif animations for use on the internet. He lives in the commuter town Sevenoaks, which is situated near London, England.

Dave and his partner Dot have a website called Sevenoaks Art  http://www.sevenoaksart.co.uk/ which features his, all original animated gifs. This site has been put together with original, award winning, free 3D animations created by Dot and Dave. Dave is the artist and Dot is the organizer who also thinks up the ideas for new animations and keeps Dave fed and watered. They both live in Borough Green Sevenoaks, a friendly little village on the outskirts of Sevenoaks.

Dave also creates Flash animations and Flash movies which can been viewed at his blog called; 3-d-flash-animations http://3d-flash-animations.blogspot.co.uk/ his work here is outstanding and well worth checking out.

 The "Acorn" Bus and Milk Float (pictured above) were among Dave's first 3D designs

Dave remembers when Elvis Presley first hit the scene. Music was pretty ordinary and Elvis was a breath of fresh air.

 When the Beatles came around Dave went out and got himself a Beatles style haircut. He had to be a mod just like the Beatles.

Animated Traffic Light

 The Artist's Pallet is one which Dave (and all artists around the world) can relate to

                   Here's something quite original a smiley of soccer legend David Beckham

Dave had been approached by Stan Laundon, an ex BBC musician and presenter, to create a Fender Guitar animation.

Thank You Dave for letting us feature you on the Pictures, Photos and Images blog


  1. Dave is the nicest and friendliest animator that I know. Plus he is so talented :)

  2. Graphic designer are also called web designer or graphic artist. They are the ones who are responsible in making colorful advertisement, designs, logos etc, that we see almost everywhere

  3. If you could teach me how to do those amazing animations.
    What program are you using? Adobe?

    1. I use several programs and have a good knowledge of CAD software to build the original 3D model.
      My technique is completely different to many other animators.

      This link explains more.



      Dave Sutton

  4. Thank you for such a comprehensive article.
    I have added information about this blog on my homepage.

    Dave Sutton