Monday, November 28, 2011

Reflections by Vee

 Vee is an avid traveler, who is currently on a journey around the world. Wherever she goes her camera tags along. Vee has a fantastic collection of photos from all around the world. She has a keen eye in capturing the moment and the great skill of chronicling her journeys through the photographers lens.

If you wish to see more of Vee's photos you can visit her blog called Travels. She's posted many picutres there with complete details about the places she visits.


The following is a sort bio which Vee wrote specifically for this post.

Although I take numerous photos when I travel, I don't really consider myself a photographer. I have no formal training and I own a very basic pocket-sized camera. None of my photos are taken using fancy lenses and none of them are photo-shopped. I have been told that I have an eye for a shot and I guess that's true. I seem to have a knack for looking at something and thinking it would make a great photo. I do enjoy taking photos but I'm not someone who spends their whole time viewing the world from behind the lens. While I'm travelling, I prefer to look with my own eyes; to be present in the moment, while enjoying the smells, the sights, and the sounds. 


Bangkok, Thailand

Beijing, China

Beijing, China

 Beijing, China

 Summer Place, Beijing, China

 Houhai Lake, Beijing, China

 Houhai Lake, Beijing, China

Bruges, Belgium

Sunrise in Brunei

Brunei, Darussalem

Gold Coast


Misty Morning, Pai, Thailand

Yangshou, China

Friendship Bridge, Nong Khai, Thailand

Thank you Vee

Thursday, November 10, 2011

"Nature Motivates Me" by Angela (aka AMP)

This post features nine photographs taken by an outstanding photographer named Angela (aka AMP). Angela is a young lady who is just trying to figure everything out. she has a great love of music from a variety of genres including alt-rock, pop, jazz, techno, chill and other various sounds.

Angela is also an avid blogger and on her blog named; "to put it simply, it quite complicated" she's posted 115 so far in 2001 and 63 in 2010. you can check her blog out at

Angela uses a Canon Powershot 1400 SD, digital camera to capture images of life and emotion. She uses sites like and to fix them up. What motivates her the most is nature, she love taking pictures of flowers. Photography is a source of relaxation for her. Angela says, "Living in the city, I use nature as a getaway from all of the noise and constant moving. It's nice to see something so beautiful, but still." She also take pictures of her cats. It's pretty much just a hobby that she started and has tried to develop (pardon the pun). She got started by going to a bunch of parties over the summer, and took pictures of her friends. To quote Angela she hopes to "eventually own a fancy camera with fancy filters and all those awesome things."



Riley at the Beach

Blue-eyed Cat

Thank You Angela!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Big Cats

This post features the family of big cats (and some small ones too). Big cats have several traits in common. The most prominent is that they are all meat eaters (carnivorous) and they're all territorial marking their territories with urine or claw marks.

Lion, Leopard, Tiger


Lions are social animals. they live in groups of about 15 individuals called a "pride". The pride's social system is based on cooperation and division of labor. They hunt together and can catch animals that would generally outrun a single lion. Male lions grow up to nine feet long and on an average weigh around 415 pounds. The males most prominent feature is their mane, which gives the illusion of size.


Tigers are the only "big cat" with striped fur. Their stripes are unique, like fingerprints, no two tigers have the same pattern.


A leopard has the ability to growl and roar loudly when they're mad and gently purr when they're content. Leopards eat anything they can kill (lizards, rodents, insects, birds, bats, etc). their broad diet gives them the ability to survive in a variety of habitats. They range from all across Africa, Asia and parts of the Americas. 


This graceful and elegant animal is the fastest of the "big cats" reching a speed of up to 70 mph in just 5 seconds. 


The coat of the jaguar is generally yellowish to reddish-brown and covered with rosette like spots. Their coat helps to camouflage them in their habitat. 


The panther is a black leopard. They are elusive and almost ghostlike in their habitat (usually a rainforest). They are master at hiding and making themselves invisible. Panthers are the strongest climbers of the cat family and can pull other objects (such as their dead prey) up into a tree with them. 


A cougar is defined as a small cat because of their ability to purr instead of roar. Cougars have the loudest recorded purring ever documented. Cougars can jump as far as 25 feet across a stream and up to 18 feet into a tree.