Monday, November 28, 2011

Reflections by Vee

 Vee is an avid traveler, who is currently on a journey around the world. Wherever she goes her camera tags along. Vee has a fantastic collection of photos from all around the world. She has a keen eye in capturing the moment and the great skill of chronicling her journeys through the photographers lens.

If you wish to see more of Vee's photos you can visit her blog called Travels. She's posted many picutres there with complete details about the places she visits.


The following is a sort bio which Vee wrote specifically for this post.

Although I take numerous photos when I travel, I don't really consider myself a photographer. I have no formal training and I own a very basic pocket-sized camera. None of my photos are taken using fancy lenses and none of them are photo-shopped. I have been told that I have an eye for a shot and I guess that's true. I seem to have a knack for looking at something and thinking it would make a great photo. I do enjoy taking photos but I'm not someone who spends their whole time viewing the world from behind the lens. While I'm travelling, I prefer to look with my own eyes; to be present in the moment, while enjoying the smells, the sights, and the sounds. 


Bangkok, Thailand

Beijing, China

Beijing, China

 Beijing, China

 Summer Place, Beijing, China

 Houhai Lake, Beijing, China

 Houhai Lake, Beijing, China

Bruges, Belgium

Sunrise in Brunei

Brunei, Darussalem

Gold Coast


Misty Morning, Pai, Thailand

Yangshou, China

Friendship Bridge, Nong Khai, Thailand

Thank you Vee


  1. I always love Vee's photos and highly recommend her blog :D

  2. @ Lorelei, thank you for your comment! :)

    @ RIW, thank you for showcasing a few of my photos on your blog. I do appreciate it and hope your viewers enjoy them. :)

  3. "Misty Morning" is my favourie of those shown. It evokes a feeling of calm, peace and serenity. Thank you Vee.

  4. @ Suz, thank you. Misty Mornings is a great photo and it certainly was peaceful at that time of the day. So pleased you like it. :)

    @ Arjun, thank you to you too. :)

  5. Awesome Photo's! Beautiful!

  6. Now that is one awesome collection of reflections! "Misty Mornings" is also my favourite!

    Beautiful as always Vee! :o)

  7. @ Kym, thank you, so pleased you like my photos :)

    @ Cris, hi and thank you too. 'Misty Mornings' is one of my favourites as well. :)