Thursday, November 10, 2011

"Nature Motivates Me" by Angela (aka AMP)

This post features nine photographs taken by an outstanding photographer named Angela (aka AMP). Angela is a young lady who is just trying to figure everything out. she has a great love of music from a variety of genres including alt-rock, pop, jazz, techno, chill and other various sounds.

Angela is also an avid blogger and on her blog named; "to put it simply, it quite complicated" she's posted 115 so far in 2001 and 63 in 2010. you can check her blog out at

Angela uses a Canon Powershot 1400 SD, digital camera to capture images of life and emotion. She uses sites like and to fix them up. What motivates her the most is nature, she love taking pictures of flowers. Photography is a source of relaxation for her. Angela says, "Living in the city, I use nature as a getaway from all of the noise and constant moving. It's nice to see something so beautiful, but still." She also take pictures of her cats. It's pretty much just a hobby that she started and has tried to develop (pardon the pun). She got started by going to a bunch of parties over the summer, and took pictures of her friends. To quote Angela she hopes to "eventually own a fancy camera with fancy filters and all those awesome things."



Riley at the Beach

Blue-eyed Cat

Thank You Angela!


  1. Awesome and great visuals. Thanking You.

  2. No problem :)Thanks for sharing me on here ^_^

  3. Nice collection of nature shots.

  4. Amp/ take wonderful pictures. I've seen some on your blog as well! Keep up the good work. Wish I had a nice enough camera that wasn't attached to my cell phone to take pictures!


  5. Great collection! Some very unique shots! Can't wait to see what you'll do once you get hold of a "fancy camera with lenses" ;o)